About The Site

The pages that follow are a collection of my thoughts and stories. There is a lot of travel adventures, as Mrs. Thorlitzer and I like to travel. The page is also spiced up with some food stories as I am a foodie. I also have some random stories about outdoor adventures, running, working in finance, and general thoughts on life thrown in for your reading pleasure. However, this site is mainly a place to collect my thoughts about travel and adventure.

Charles Thor

The things I love are reflected on this site and my background in travel and food stems from the constant moving as a child (all within the United States) and the travel that my parents took me, both outside and inside the United States. There are many places that I feel at home and not many that I have disliked completely although there are a few that make me happier than others. I have lived in the United States, Scotland, and Singapore and traveled extensively throughout the world – finally reaching all 7 continents in 2011. I am married to Mrs. Thorlitzer (the name is a stellar mash up). Her and I enjoy traveling together and we both love food and the tradition of breaking bread with friends old and new. I like the adventure of outdoor sports including scuba, hiking, running, cycling, and picnicking (that is a sport for sure). I think Mrs. Thorlitzer likes long walks on the beach, handbags and at times even likes me as well.


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