Trip Recap – Where: Singapore, Penang, Malaysia, and Sipadan and Mabul Borneo, Malaysia.

When: January 2013
Where: Singapore, Malaysia (Penang and Borneo)

This trip was driven by our desire to support and celebrate the nuptials of two wonderful friends that we knew from when we lived in Singapore.

During the trip we managed to work for a few days, attend a wedding, get in a few days of Scuba diving, and ate ourselves silly in Singapore.

I am in the process of writing three separate posts for the different parts below:

  • Essentials of how to rock a Wedding in Penang, Malaysia
  • Top Dive Spot in the World – Sipadan. How it really was…
  • Eating, shopping, and having fun in Singapore. The pig out guide to Singapore in just over 48 hours. 

Overall comments are below:

It was amazing and exciting to be back in Singapore, after a little over a year from leaving the country. We forgot how well things worked, how convenient things are, and how much fun all the cultures can be. We really enjoyed being there during the start of Chinese New Year festivities and were blessed to be able to see friends and celebrate the wedding of our friends.

It was odd to be in Singapore without a home to stay in, as this was the first time we stayed in a hotel in Singapore. It was nice to meet my local coworkers too, but again very odd to be in a different office building.

It was a really fun trip and great to see our friends in Singapore, who we missed more than we thought. We also had the joy of riding in the A380 from San Francisco to Singapore with Singapore Airlines and got upgraded to First Class on United during the leg from Seoul to San Francisco.

My impressions of both experiences are as follows: The A380 experience was exciting to be in a new and a LARGE jet that had stairs in the rear of the plane. Otherwise it was quite ordinary except that it took a long time to take-off and land. It was a thrill for this traveler. The United Airlines Global first class though was a very, nice experience and although I couldn’t afford it on my own it was great service, very enjoyable food, and allowed us to sleep for a few hours on the plane and would recommend it if you can afford or upgrade to it.

Airbus A380
First Class on United from Seoul to San Francisco

Johnnie Walker Blue in the Lounge pre-flight


Look for full posts of each location over the next few days…

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