Egypt Day 9 & 10 Cairo and Return to US

Day 9: Cairo (Old and Modern)
On our last day in Cairo, Charles went for a short 4 mile run in the early morning quiet of Cairo. We had a sumptuous breakfast buffet.

Flower arrangement at the opening of the breakfast restaurant

Then we were off to see Old Cairo with all the small lanes, little trinkets, and mass of people.  We got to explore a mosque and hear some more about how Egypt deals with religion and modern society (a nice primer on the facts on the ground). We headed to a coffee shop, El Fishawy, which is one of the oldest in the world that continues to serve coffee, mint tea, and of course shisha.

Alabaster/White Mosque (aka Mohammad Ali Mosque) – we did not get inside here
Plaque of the mosque we visited inside
Walls of the mosque inside
Carpet set out for prayers

Below are some photos from old Cairo. Notice the Mashrabiya windows where the women could view the ongoings without being seen.

Mashrabiya Windows in Cairo
Hookahs for sale in the marketplace
Boy carrying bread on his head
Old Town Walls and Mosque
Khan El Khalili Restaurant – tea and shwarma wraps (wraps not shown)
Tea at El Fishawy – note the Hookah in the background
 In the old town area we wandered around the Khan El Khalili market for a couple of hours, trying to bargain and pick up a few souvenirs and other necessities. We had to drive a few hard bargains and practice our negotiating, but almost got derailed when we had too many cooks in the kitchen on one particular sale. However, we got some great scarves and a few knick knacks for home.

We also explored the modern city a little bit, saw one last sunset over the pyramids, ate a fabulous dinner with a “golden” dessert and were off home to US on a 6am flight (yes that was a fun wake up call). What a wonderful trip to see wonders of the world, share it with family, and to soak up the egyptian culture old and new.

Sunset from the hotel (over the pyramids)
Chocolate cake with real gold flakes
Carrie, Charles, and our tour guide Zizo
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