Egypt Day 8 – Abu Simbel

Day 8: Abu Simbel
This was a day of intense travel with departure from the ship and a nice ride across the Aswan Dam (more commonly known as the high dam)

We then had to take a very short 30 minute domestic light from Aswan to Abu Simbel.

Prohibited Airport Items (note you cannot take on your arrow or your weapons for killing cattle)
Beer Fridge in the airport (just a little too early for a beer but I did think about it)

After a short bus ride we arrived at the colossal temple of Abu Simbel. We had to fly here because although it is fairly close to Aswan as the crow flies he lack of quality roads and the size of Lake Nasser prevents people from traveling here by bus (but there are some multi-day cruises on Lake Nasser for this. Needless to say, this was worth the trip as the sheer enormity of the temples and carvings were inspiring. The complex consisted of two temples – one dedicated to Ramses II and one for his wife Nefertari.

We could not take photos from inside but Carrie did snap a few photos from the outside that were looking into the entrance of the temples.

Temple of Ramses II (note the four large statues of Ramses)
Same Temple (see how big the statues are compared to the people)
Outside looking inside (note the paint that looks like makeup on the statues)
Key for the temple door (Ankh Shape)
Carrie and Charles in front of the temple
Baboon Carvings on top of the temple
Front of the Temple of Nefertari (notice the lack of people)

After half a day wandering around these massive temples we road back to the airport and headed to Cairo for the last leg of our trip.

That night that the ten people in our travel group of family and friends enjoyed some local Egyptian food at Abou El Sid in Cairo, which I would highly recommend.

Pita Bread
Various Dishes for Dinner
Interior of Abou El Sid

We (by that I mean Carrie and Charles) enjoyed smoking some sheesha (fruit tobacco) and delicious mint tea as well.

Charles watching the pros start the hookah
Carrie and Charles enjoying their sheesha
Mint Tea with our Sheesha

We ended the night with a fun taxi experience with some negotiation, driving with the lights off to save gas, going to the wrong hotel (same name) and then finally getting back late to our hotel before a sumptous last breakfast buffet.

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One thought on “Egypt Day 8 – Abu Simbel

  1. How does driving with lights off save gas? The car didn't have an alternator?

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