Egypt Day 7 – Aswan

Day 7: Aswan
Another busy day with a visit to Philae temple in the morning, which was a temple on its own island that required a boat crossing. It was also the site that had some early christian graffiti (i.e. the coptic cross).
Our boat to Philae Temple (notice the name)
Egyptian students on a field trip (wonderful colors)
Philae Temple
Pillar top at Philae Temple
Coptic Cross at Philae Temple (ancient graffiti)
Protecting the reliefs
Temple hall at rear of Philae

We then made a brief stop by the fixed price tourist shop (by fixed price I mean Carrie still bargained for her purchase successfully).

We then headed to the granite quarry and unfinished obelisk right before lunch.

Granite Quarry and Obelisk
Kebab Flavored Chips
Hot Dog Flavored chips before lunch
Fruit Spread at Lunch

Thankfully we had a relaxing felucca ride in the afternoon.

Feluccas with sails out
Front of our cruise ship docked next to others
Boats in the middle of the Nile
Old Cataract Hotel of Death of the Nile Fame

Unfortunately this was our last day on the boat as well but we made the most of it by partying and supping with a gourmet dinner including a special dessert.

Baked Egyptian Pyramids (aka Baked Alaska)
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