Egypt Day 6 Edfu and Kom Ombo

Day 6: Edfu and Kom Ombo
The morning started early with a pass through one of the locks, pictures below, on the Nile that we had to use going up river (South).


We then enjoyed the statues of Horus at Edfu, the ride in the horse cart, and the sights of people in the town, including a person kicking a propane tank across the road.

Charles and Carrie in our horse cart
People in town (kicking a propane tank)
Scarab Beetle Relief pushing up the sun
Statue of Horus the Falcon God
Relief inside Edfu Temple

In the evening we were fascinated by the temple of Kom Ombo and the crocodile god and mummified crocodiles. Luckily there are none in the Nile anymore so we had nothing to worry about!

Mummified Alligators

After the tour of the temple we got all dressed up in traditional Egyptian garb (called Galabeya) and we also celebrated a special birthday for Carrie! She was surprised and the crew played some special birthday music just for her.

Charles and Carrie in our Galabeyas
Happy Birthday Carrie (Cleopatra)
Our Group – The Pharaohs
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