Eventually to the Serengeti…the journey was worth it

After our first game drive and wonderful stay at the lodge we woke up early the next morning to continue our touring. We had a lot of ground to cover and a huge amount of things to see (not just animals today).

Sunrise at our lodge

We started the early morning in a traditional Masai Village where we saw men jumping, women dancing, rubber tire sandals, house building with cow dung, fire making with cow dung, and got to experience the hospitality of the locals who were constantly smiling and seemed genuinely happy to share their way of life with us. We heard stories of termite mounds, giants snakes and village life. It was a great way to see the local tribal part of Africa.

Tire Sandals

Once we said goodbye to our hosts we headed to the Oldupai (Olduvai) Gorge where some of the greatest archaeological finds leading to human evolution theories have been discovered. Various bones from millions of years ago including predecessors to our current species (Homo Sapiens) were discovered in this gorge. It was also a scenic place to eat lunch and a nice break in the bumpy dirt road (which included a detour through Ngorongoro Crater and deft dodging of cattle in the road along the way).

Obama and Clinton Shops on the side of the road
Oldupai Gorge View from lunch

After the Gorge we stopped ever so briefly to see the Shifting Sands. Now while this may sound boring it is actually fascinating to see a pile of volcanic ash naturally shaped into a crescent mound shape that moves approximately 10 meters per year and retains it shape. It rose up in the middle of a flat plain that went on for miles. It felt like the wind was blowing sand everywhere but in fact the sand remained in a mound shape and continued to do this year after year. They think it has to do with some sort of magnetic properties in the ash but whatever caused it, we were enthralled by it.

Standing on the shifting sands

After this sight we let Steven, our driver, blow that joint and hunkered down for a bumpy and long ride to Serengeti National Park. (We did stop for a Serengeti lager for refreshment).

Once in the park we were able to get an evening game drive and saw some great sights from a leopard with a kill, hyenas, giraffes, wildebeests, and of course the Serengeti Airport.

Serengeti Lager at the entrance to the park
Windsock of the airport in the Background
Sunrise ride back to our Lodge
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