One Year in Singapore

We have lived and worked in Singapore for just over one year now. My how time flies!

It has been a year filled with a lot of learning experiences and numerous adventures that we will not soon forget. We have met friends that have generously welcomed us to Asia and I hope they become closer friends over the next few years.

We have really loved our last year and look forward to 2011 and the year of the rabbit. Last year we were overwhelmed adjusting to Singapore during this time of year and didn’t get to fully enjoy the festive Chinese New Year’s feeling. We are enjoying the red and gold decorations, the sweets, the traditional new years food, and the general fun and festive vibe. (See photos at the end of this post)  We are even singing along to the festive songs in Chinese!

Thank you all for reading the blog during the past year. We appreciate all your love and support even from afar. During 2011 we are looking forward to the following things (and many more not even thought of yet):

1. More traveling as we have many more places in Asia to still visit
2. More food adventures as we have not eaten it all yet
3. Family and friends visiting (especially a fun filled March when Charles’ family arrives). We really enjoy having visitors as we miss family and friends the most and love to show everyone our home city of Singapore.
4. More reflections and lessons about living in Asia; the culture is deep and rich and we have barely scratched the surface in many ways and can’t wait to keep learning about all the various traditions, beliefs, and cultural norms here.

So again thank you all for reading and we can’t wait to show you Singapore if you come visit or through our blog.

Year of the Rabbit

Our home decorations – supposed to bring luck for the year
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