Food Adventure #13: Yogyakarta

This is a very short food post, as the food in Jogja was good but not great and we ate a lot of meals early in the morning or late at night that were simple snacks and not worthy of photos. So enjoy a short post.

Our first day we got lunch at Via Via cafe (I would recommend this place for Indonesian food although it caters more to Western Tastes and wasn’t quite spicy enough for me and the sambal wasn’t quite right but I am an Indonesian food fanatic now after nine months in Singapore).

Spicy Curry Chicken
Mushroom and Coconut Milk Paste steamed in Banana Leaf (like Otah)
Fried Tempeh (Wonderful!)

Our second lunch which was really a combined lunch and early dinner. This was at Bale Raos, a relatively upscale eatery that was our best meal of the trip.

Vegetables and Red Rice
Sampler Platter of Tempeh, Tofu, Beef, and Chicken in Coconut Milk
Mix of Rice, Tempe, Beef Rendang, and Prawns
Goreng Pisang (Friend Banana) Delicious!
Pineapple and Cinnamon with Whipped Cream

Both of our real meals were very good and I would go back to both of them. I would highly recommend Bale Raos despite how difficult it was to find. As I mentioned in earlier posts I really like Indonesian food and am always looking for recommendations for places to go and the food makes me look forward to future trips to the country.

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One thought on “Food Adventure #13: Yogyakarta

  1. noone

    do you two have a personalised Google map?
    that way you could mark the locations of all the noteworthy places and their exact locations for other travellers!
    something to look into if you do not.

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