Australia Trip Day 8 & 9 Sydney

Our second day was a little more relaxing with a later start to the day and then off to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo to see all the exotic Australian wildlife (yes more exotic than the botanical gardens). This is a photo heavy and text light post.


Koala with Baby (look closely)
Pygmy Hippo with Baby

We wandered around the zoo for almost half a day enjoying the Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats, and even some non-Australian animals such as the baby elephants, the penguins, and watching a bird show. (This might have been Carrie’s highlight as a gentleman siting right behind us at the show had setup his marriage proposal to be worked into the show and luckily the girl said yes and every girl at the show had weepy eyes while every guy thought “Great, now I have to top that”.)

After the zoo we headed back to Sydney to get our fill of Italian food and then wander around Sydney window shopping, listening to the didgeridoo at Circular Quay and enjoying our last day in Sydney.

That night we went to a bar called Altitude in the Shangri-La Hotel which had wonderful views of Sydney that we thoroughly enjoyed.

View from Altitude
View of the Bridge on the way to Dinner
View of the Opera House on the way to Dinner

After the bar we went to a restaurant called Selah near Circular Quay. This was the type of dinner that we had been missing for awhile and just didn’t know it. Carrie and I were so impressed with the food that we tried to savor every bite and didn’t even take photos because we were so enthralled. It was a nice white tablecloth restaurant that served western food such as lamb, beef, and pasta all cooked very well. I forgot how tender lamb was compared to the mutton curry and lamb kebabs we get here and pasta sauce can really be a delicacy. Needless to say we really enjoyed this and would highly recommend this restaurant and it was mentioned by our concierge only in passing.

With that meal over we headed back to the hotel, dozed off to gastronomic dreams and then woke up for our final few hours in Sydney before heading back to Singapore.

All in all this was an amazing trip.  We saw so many things, tasted new tastes, didn’t use chopsticks for an entire week! Australia, our sixth continent, was well worth it.

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