Travel Adventures and Singapore Adventures August 2010 Edition

It has been a long time since my last post as there is a lot going on and I have been swamped with other responsibilities. Carrie and Ijust took one week of vacation/leave for a trip to Australia and I depart Wednesday night for two days of work travels.

Therefore don’t expect much this week but I will post a number of items next week including two or three trip summaries from Australia, a post about more cooking classes in Singapore with Shi Fu Cass, taking Chinese Mandarin Classes, more upcoming travels, and maybe even about work (which has to be done every once in awhile).

In brief though things in Singapore are pretty good and I will leave you with a few quotes from my work yesterday.

I had grown a rather modest beard, modest at least by my standards, after one week in Australia without shaving and I wore it to work after some minor trimming.

The people at work were disgusted, impressed, and overall flabbergasted by the speed of growth of my beard. The quotes I remember were:

“Get lost on an island without a razor? I can still smell the seaweed?”


“What happened to your face?”

a number of gentleman said:

“I could never grow a beard like that”

But my personal favorite however was and still is:

“You look like Jesus”

Not sure if that was a compliment or not, but I will let you digest that for a few days before my next post.

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One thought on “Travel Adventures and Singapore Adventures August 2010 Edition

  1. “You look like Jesus” made me laugh out loud at work…

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