4th of July and Birthday in Singapore

Carrie and I have been in Singapore just about six months now, and the 4th of July marks the first major American holiday we have missed. It really solidifies that we are no longer in the U.S. The celebration of the US independence also happens to be my birthday, and this is only the second time I can remember not being in the US for my birthday. The other time was on my 21st Birthday when Carrie and I were in Nice, France touring around Europe. We spent the evening drinking beers at a place called Le Pub Thor (I can’t make these things up).

This birthday was not quite as special but it really was a joyous one that felt like a weekend long celebration.

We started the celebration weekend on the evening of July 3rd with an American party hosted by the various American organizations (embassy, military, American Club, etc) in Singapore. It had American BBQ, live bands, Kentucky Bourbon, Beer, and of course fireworks.

It felt surreal to be watching fireworks with thousands of other Americans in Singapore while listening to the US Navy band. It was a fun time and in Singapore style we departed from the party and went to watch the world cup (not so American).

Sunday morning after a wonderful sleep in we headed to Red Star Restaurant to enjoy dim sum off of trolleys. It was a wonderful experience with over the top decor, really fun trolleys, and decent food. It was a great way to get my fill of Chinese food on American Independence Day.

Following this filling lunch we headed home to prepare for the Charles birthday and 4th of July BBQ. We invited over a number of people including coworkers and about twenty people showed up.

I got to grill some burgers, I love cooking and grilling, so manly. Please note the 4th of July parade shirt being worn by me, just fantastic piece of Americana there. Also, our checked table clothes that scream mid west beer bust.

It was wonderful to see all the people mixing together, reminiscing about being an expat, missing America, and just happy to eat some western food. We were also blessed to have Carrie’s cousin, Corinne, stop by with 8 or 9 other people that had been in Nepal for six weeks. I think they were relieved to be eating burgers and we helped them reenter into the American way of life for at least a few hours. We were very happy to host them and hope they enjoyed seeing our condo. They certainly were a nice help when clean up time arrived (they are invited back anytime). See the entire group below as well as Carrie, Corrine and I.

We also had a semi-home made cake with rainbow frosting, just enough candles, and a wonderful happy birthday sung in perfect tone. It was just what I needed to cap off my happy birthday, actually per the picture below the last thing I really needed was a to go drink in a bag which I finished happily by the end of the night. It was a great celebration with just enough American colored with some Singaporean flair. Although I missed my family and friends from home it was great to celebrate with some of my new friends and colleagues. I am glad to have brought America to them for just one night.

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3 thoughts on “4th of July and Birthday in Singapore

  1. Anonymous

    Glad it was a great birthday, but it was the third birthday you have spent out of the country. The first was in 2000 and we were at the Globe Theater watching Henry V and fireworks started going off for the Queen Mum and you were disappointed because you thought you had gotten away from the holiday and that it was just going to be your birthday celebration. However when we explained it wasn't for Independence Day you felt better. It was the year you went to Australia directly from England.
    Love, Mom

  2. Happy birthday! I thought about you on the fourth and am glad to learn you really celebrated! Happy 29 right? We're rounding 30! Can you believe it? I think it's awesome how you and Carrie really LIVE life to the fullest. It's inspiring and cool to read about.

  3. Yes getting close to 30. Hard to believe but I don't feel old yet.

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