Nepal Trip Day 3 & 4

Following two busy, but fulfilling days of touring, we had some relaxing days lined up. We started at a very reasonable 9am and headed to Bhaktapur to tour one more old city with temples, palaces, etc attached then off to a resort in Nagarkot, in the mountains, where we hoped for view of the Himalaya Range, the Annapurna Range, and some small town Nepalese culture.
Bhaktapur looked similar to Durbar Squares in Patan and Kathmandu, but felt like a small town with a certain slowness to it and the people were not in a hurry to run you over with motorbikes. It also did not feel loud and dusty like Kathmandu did, so it was a good way to see a town that really seems like it is still an old town that has not quite been modernized yet.

This is tallest temple in Nepal from top to bottom (but not nearly the highest)
A unique view of the Bhaktapur town square.

A pottery factory (handmade of course, as we saw with numerous potters using wheels)

These two photos show the women in town worshiping and making offerings to masks. The masks are of Navadurga and represent deities.

Along the way to Nagarkot we saw some countryside with farmers planting rice and layers upon layers of terraces for small patches or rice, corn, and other staples being grown.

Nagarkot really was just a resort stay and was a great two days to unwind and enjoy sunset and sunrise views of the snow capped peaks in the distance.

Sunset photos:

That was our wonderfully restful day 3, followed by sunrise viewing at 5am (see below).
 Following the sunrise and a leisurely breakfast we set off to Changunarayan to view one last old town and temple and finally back to Kathmandu for some last minute shopping and walking around the Thamel (touristy but fun) area of town.
 Photos above are the last temple and old town we toured.

The photos below are from our wonderful hotel that we stayed in the last night. The first two are of the courtyard area and the last one is of our spacious and inviting room.

Overall it was a wonderful trip.  We had a great time traveling with Uncle Wally and Aunt Eve and exploring Nepal with them.  The people were friendly, the culture was intriguing, the food delicious, the weather wonderful ….and we cant wait to go back!

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