Tourist Trip In Singapore and more to follow

Just a quick blog post about the weekend before last…then stay tuned at the end for a glimpse of some excitement.

This blog post is one of many similiar posts you will see over the next months. It is of a weekend event Carrie and I took to take in Singapore in all its glory. We have a list of numerous places to see, things to do, places to eat and drink, etc in Singapore that we want to check off before we leave this wonderful place in the next few years.

So two weeks ago we went down to the Singapore Science Centre to see a Pixar Exhibition that is traveling the world with a single stop in Southeast Asia in Singapore. It will be exhibited in Northern California as well for those of you nearby, I would highly recommend it.

This though was not on our list of Singapore sights but deserves a mention and a recommendation nonetheless. While we were in that vicinity we made a stop by the CHinese Garden, which is on our list of sights to see.

See a few photos below with a quick explanation and critique to follow:

Above are the shrubs cuts in the shapes of dragons, very cool.

 Above are some of the many pagoda like structures that dotted the gardens and were mostly set on lakes such as these.



Above are the Bonsai photos, which I think were the most impressive part of the gardens.

Overall the Garden was quite nice but not what we expected. It had few colorful flowers, few plants overall, but did have some great chinese pagoda buildings, a wonderful koi pond, and a spectacular Bonsai garden as you can see from the photos. IT was also interesting to note that although most westerners think of Bonsai as a solely Japanese Artform it actually originated in China and has thus spread out to other nations the largest practicitioners of which are now Japanese. However, the styles are slightly different and if you are a master of Bonsai you might be able to tell the origin just by looking at the plant (I am not a master but was impressed with the Bonsai anyways).

So that was our quick weekend tourist trip in Singapore which was a warm up for our real trip last weekend for 3 days in Cambodia visiting Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. That trip will have a few blog posts over the next couple of days so be sure to stay tuned.

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