Food Adventures #9 Lesson in Home Cooking

Whew…catching up on blog posts on a Saturday morning…enjoy.

A couple of weeks ago, Carrie and I continued to experiment with cooking local food in Singapore. We love dumplings/wantons/spring rolls which are all slightly different variations of meat or vegetables rolled in rice flour skin and then steamed, fried, or boiled depending on preference.

We made ours with a pork, scallion and ginger filling and tried to steam a few, fry a few, and boil a few. I would say the filling itself was very good both flavorful and moist but the actual skins and cooking method was not so good. Overall this is very much a work in progress but at least Charles’ finger remained intact on this one.

 Here is a photo of what we wanted to make

And below our some photos of our process and final product.

Rolling and folding the filling

Boiling some of dumplings

Frying a few in oil

The finished product (only the fried one left by the time we took the photo)

Another minor food mis-adventure and a slight nostalgic memory of the US is the photo below. I realize it is cherry season in the US and the grocery stores in Singapore reminded me of that this morning with some “affordable” cherries.
Yep, affordable for cherries in Singapore is 14 Singapore Dollars (10 US Dollars) for a very small container. Needless to say I am not buying cherries anytime soon, despite the special prices. I will stick to the year round $2 papayas, $2 pineapples, and $4 watermelons that are my tropical delights here.

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