Food Adventure #8 Korean Food and Hiking

A few weekends ago Carrie and I were fortunate enough to have two different adventures. The first was a brief and scenic hike in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with Carrie’s Coworkers who were kind enough to show us around. It is the highest summit in Singapore but is not really crushing any other height records. It was a fun hike though as we traipsed through the tropical rainforest and were reminded that we are truly not in the US anymore. 
Here we are at the summit
Following the hike were were famished and we headed for Korean Food. It was quite an adventure and delicious. Korean Food for Carrie and I is relatively unknown as we have only really had Korean BBQ, which we of course love. Korean food is eaten in numerous food centers and hawker stands here in Singapore but it is slightly intimidating. However, this experience was a great one and will definitely push us to try Korean more often.  The variety of dishes and having a Korean Guru with us helped immensely, but we will post again of our misadventures in the food courts.
Above is a picture of the side dishes (in Korean called Banchan) and this is one of the best parts about a Korean meal. You get a variety of vegetables, meats, and seaweed to pair with the main dishes and to tease the palate prior to the wonderful entrees. You also get Kimchi which is pickled vegetables (most commonly seen in the US is pickled cabbage) and is a wonderful Korean treat that many of you might already know. It is a spicy and salty way to eat your veggies.
Above is a picture of Korean Hotpot Rice known in Korean as (Bibimbap in Korean). It is a wonderful explosion of spicy with a sweet finish and has a diverse set of ingredients including vegetables and beef. It is most similar in style to the fried rice everyone knows but you fry it yourself in the hot pot at the table. Also, the spices and the flavors are very different than traditional fried rice. It would be a great one pot meal if you were eating by yourself (but we were lucky to get some variety and eat family style with some of our Singaporean family members).
Above was a seafood hotpot stew that was cooked at our table in a mild broth. It contained crabs, clams, prawns, squid and some vegetables. I do not know what it was called in Korean, so if someone knows please leave a comment. Again this was good, but I would say it was a little overwhelming for me with almost too much seafood at once. It was good food, but not quite as inspiring as the other dishes we ate. It was a good addition though to the family style eating and was enjoyed by all.
Another dish that we forgot to capture with a photo was a green bean and scallion (green onion) pancake which was delicious. It was a great blend of salty and spicy food that complemented the rice well. IT is known in Korean as Bindaeddeok and is highly recommended.
If anyone wants to try Korean in Singapore, gives us a call and we are open to trying it again, in fact I would insist we eat it more regularly. This was a nice introduction to a new cuisine for us, so thanks to our Singapore friends for taking us along.

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One thought on “Food Adventure #8 Korean Food and Hiking

  1. I really LOVE Korean food! Maybe Thor recalls this, but I lived in Korea while on an internship for one summer, and got to taste all sorts of fantastic Korean food while I was out there. I recognize everything you mention in this blog, except that seafood hotpot stew. Don't know what that one was either!!!

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