Trip 3, Hint 4: Where in the world is Carrie and Charles Thorlitzer?

Time for the last hint:

Hint #1: I’m located north of Singapore
Hint #2: My country is land locked (no ocean front property)
Hint #3: My country shares part of it’s border with China
Hint #4: I’m considered one of two gateways to the most famous mountain range in the world as I have 8 of the 10 tallest mountain peaks in the world within my boarders. The capital of my country, is located at 27°42′N 85°20′E

Go find yourself a world map and figure out where this is. Take a guess if you want and come back tomorrow to see the next hint which will be slightly more specific.

Note: this is the next trip we’ve booked, not necessarily the next place we’ll be traveling to chronologically.

Remember to comment in to win yourself a snazzy prize from this destination if you are one of the first two to guess this location correctly! Only comments posted on the blog will be counted, so do not attempt to email me directly. Face book comments also will not count….post them on the blog: Feel free to use ‘anonymous’ when commenting, just please put your name in the comment. Happy guessing.

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One thought on “Trip 3, Hint 4: Where in the world is Carrie and Charles Thorlitzer?

  1. Anonymous

    My new guess is Nepal. LO 🙂

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