Food Adventures #7 Refrigerator in Singapore

Although not the same as other food adventures, I thought this was quite a new adventure for us.

We used to shop every 2-3 days and buy small items based on the menu for those couple of days, so that no food went to waste and because it was so convenient to go to the grocery store in San Francisco. This also meant that our refrigerator majority of the time was fairly empty. A lot of the food (fruit, some vegetables, etc) was stored outside the refrigerator and water came out of the tap fairly cold.

Now that we are in Singapore, we have changed our habits a little bit. We still shop every few days and try not to plan too far ahead, or to over buy based on our hectic schedule, but see below for some of the other changes…

That is right, our refrigerator is full. It is now full of wine and chocolate (which account for about 75% of the refrigerator space) as well as water bottles, bananas, apples, etc that no longer can stay outside of the refrigerator or they will spoil in a matter of days or less. The chocolate melts instantly and the wine turns into vinegar within weeks, so we will be keeping this going for awhile I think. The only major downside is that our refrigerator size now limits how many bottles of wine we can hold.

It is quite a wonderful problem to have though and of course don’t mind drinking wine or eating chocolate, but at times we do need space for other foods.

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