Trivia: Stop or Go. Answers

Below are the answers to the Trivia Test.

Scenario #1 Answer: You go

Scenario #2 Answer: You go

In both scenarios #1 and #2 you are not required to stop per Singapore law. If there is a stop sign or a stop line and there is no traffic to impede you, the driver is allowed to go through without slowing or stopping. The cars here have the right of way and pedestrians walk at their own risk.

Scenario #3 Answer: You stop

In Scenario #3, the clearly delineated cross walk lacks a stop line or a stop sign and is actually about 10 meters or 30 feet from an intersection but cars are required to stop here. This is about the only time that pedestrians should feel safe walking out in the road.

One other thing I want to address here is the act of jay walking. While it is technically illegal in Singapore, a number of people do it. However, it is not for the faint of heart as cars do not slow or even pay attention to pedestrians unless there is a designated, lights flashing cross walk.

So remember to be careful when walking in Singapore.

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