Trip 2, Answer: Where in the world is Carrie and Charles Thorlitzer?

We are headed to Penang, Malaysia for 3 days in July.  Penang is a state in Malaysia, of which this island, also called Penang, is part of.  Carrie will fly in Friday morning to work out of the WAA site there, and Charles will join her that evening for a weekend of sightseeing, food and fun with WAA coworkers.  Carrie has been there twice with work in the past and is looking forward to seeing the island with Charles for the first time to celebrate his birthday.

Our now world famous winners: Lolita Silicani and Bryan Chang. Lolita guessed Malaysia on hint #1 “north of Singapore” and thus is awarded the prize given the unlikely event that anyone would pick Malaysia given such a clue.  Bryan, on the other hand is batting 1000, and has won both trip contests–obviously given that he is located in Penang he was sort of a shoe in for winning.

Thanks everyone for playing. Hope you enjoyed the game. Great guesses–most of which are on our list of travel destinations for the next 2 years. It was really fun for us to see where you guessed. As we book future plane tickets, we’ll play again!


  1. Sorry we were delayed in posting the answer
  2. We are making a rule for the game.  I learned this from my Dad–The rule is : we make the rules as we go.
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