More things I’ve learned

1. I’ve learned that when you are wet with perspiration AND wearing liquid eyeliner, it is NOT a good idea to wipe your face, unless you are trying out for a role in for an upcoming Cleopatra musical.

2. I’ve learned that rain drops so large could exist. These babies make a splat the diameter of a golf ball on your windshield when the car is stopped!!!! So loud that you can’t carry on a conversation in the bad seat of a taxi.

3. Similarly, did you know that it can rain hard enough that part of the drop actually goes THRU your umbrella? No joke! you are left looking up into your umbrella to see where the hole or rip is that is getting your head wet only to find it perfectly intact.

4. I’ve learned that I have developed a ‘Caucasian-dar’ (related to a radar)…..if there is a Caucasian 20 feet from me, I’m fully aware of it and take note almost immediately. this is very strange as I do not actively try to do this.

5. I’ve learned that I really miss a good glass of wine while cooking dinner.

6. I’ve learned that hawking (cough like act designed to loosen phlegm) is extremely gross, and unfortunately extremely common. This is largely to the heat and humidity outside and the over air conditioned interiors of most buildings, taxi cabs and trains

7. I’ve learned that I’m thankful to live near a hospital and that Charles is a bad patient both there and at home.

8. I’ve learned that I could eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong 3 times a day –it is THAT good.

9. I’ve learned that Birthday’s abroad are exactly the same as Birthday’s at home, except you don’t get to go to your favorite restaurant for dinner, because you don’t have a favorite restaurant yet. My brother did however send me the most thoughtful gift ever inside a card….5 nicely folded toilet seat covers!!!! hahahaha, what a nice guy!

10. I’ve learned that March madness has no effect on the work force in Singapore. No one follows “net ball” here much less fills out a bracket!

11. Speaking of sports, I’ve learned that Singapore doesn’t care about winter Olympics. No adds, no TV airing, nothing except a 5 minute overview in the morning news. This isn’t terribly surprising for a country located on the equator and who’s citizens have most likely never seen snow, much less play a winter sport.

12. I’ve learned that it is perfectly acceptable to pick ‘things’ in public. ‘things’ include: your eyes, ears, nose and crotch! This all makes train rides highly entertaining and is additional motivation to work on my balance so I don’t have to hold on to anything while standing during the ride.

13. I’ve learned that I have the best husband in the world. I’ve been working super long hours almost 7 days a week for about a month now and he’s been super supportive of it and understanding as the various household jobs have landed almost solely on him, not to mention most of our Hong Kong trip planning (and all blogging efforts as you’ve probably noticed). He’s bearing more than his share in the Thorlitzer household and I’m extremely grateful. I’m lucky to have him.

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