Trivia: Stop or Go?

An interactive test below. This could be tricky for those of you not used to walking or driving in Singapore.

Here is how the test works, I will show you a picture of an intersection and you decide from a driver’s perspective whether to stop or glide through the intersection. You assume there is no traffic traveling perpendicular and therefore impeding you, and there is a pedestrian on the sidewalk about to walk out in front of you. Would you stop or would you go without stopping?

Scenario #1

Stop or go? Remember from a driver’s perspective.

Scenario #2

Stop or go?

Scenario #3

 Stop or go?

The answers to these three scenarios will be posted in a few days and the winner gets a hearty congratulations and likely lives when they cross the street in Singapore.

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One thought on “Trivia: Stop or Go?

  1. Do you guys drive on the wrong side of the road in Singapore? I don't know, when something tells me to stop (like a sign or the letters on the road) in Singapore, I'm going to stop so I don't get caned, you know, just in case. But to humor your, I'll say 1-stop, 2-stop & 3-california roll!

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