Easter 2010 Trip to Hong Kong Day 2

After a leisurely morning breakfast and waiting in line for 40 minutes for some great dim sum (another post for this weekend), Carrie and I headed for the Flagstaff Museum of Teaware in Hong Kong Park.

The museum has a wonderful collection of teaware but also explains a lot about the Chinese tea culture and the different ways to prepare, serve, and savor tea. This was absolutely fascinating with explanations as to why you see small teapots (because tea gets bitter if steeped too long) and the different types of tea (jasmine, green tea, oolong tea, etc). There were also some videos that ran through the complicated process of preparing tea for drinking with cup warming, tea washing, and finally smelling the tea before even take a small sip. It was like wine tasting with all the descriptors and rituals, just fascinating.

The pots above are from the museum and were all unique and really highlight just a small portion of the museum’s collection.

After the museum Carrie and wandered around Hong Kong park to soak in some scenery and feel like we were out of the city, despite of course being right in the middle of the city.

The park feels like a Golden Gate Park or a Central Park but slightly smaller and much more hilly, as most of Hong Kong is built on the side of a hill. (Thus the need for the escalators from my last post).

Following the walk around the park we decided to wander around town and do some window shopping and soaking in the atmosphere of Hong Kong. We did ride the tram system, which are old tram cars that have been modernized to run on rail tracks but still feel like old cars with the clacking sounds and jerky starts and stops that you expect on old transportation systems.

See Carrie about standing in the tram and see the photo of what the trams look like from the outside.

After all the hard walking and traveling we did dinner, hopped on the Star Ferry for a short but wonderful ride (the ferry is a classic and entertaining way to go between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon really a must ride in Hong Kong) to watch the light show one more time because I am still amazed by the number of buildings that partake in the nightly light show.

Here is the view from the Star Ferry despite the bumpiness that shook the camera. Below are some more shots of the light show, notice the green lasers coming off the top of the buildings.

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