Food Adventure #5: Western Food in Singapore

From all our previous posts exploring the Asian culinary landscape in Singapore, we figured it was time for us to try out the western food in Singapore. We thought about McDonald’s or KFC but figured as we don’t go there at home why would we go in Singapore (side note: Charles refuses to go to either establishment any where in the world unless they serve beer, which luckily they do in France).

So, for Carrie’s Birthday which happens this week Charles made a reservation this past Saturday to go to a place called Flutes at the Fort that has been written up as “charming location, superb wine list, and spectacular food.” It was also classified as Western/Australian. The classification really just means people in Singapore knew it was not Asian because there was nothing particularly Australian about the menu besides the wine list.

So let’s get to the food descriptions, and sorry for lack of photos but it was in an outside candle lit setting not good for photos and thus I will just give you a rundown of the dishes we had and our opinion of them. There is also a discussion of the wine, the ambiance and a summary of the overall experience.

Carrie had a Jamon, Fig, and Mozzarella salad (pictured below) with a simple vinaigrette that was simply wonderful. The saltiness of the ham complemented the sweetness of the figs, and the mozzarella was a great flavor and texture as well. We also realized how much we missed figs and cheese.

Charles had the Foie Gras with pineapple and chocolate. It was an interesting pairing to have pineapple and chocolate with the foie gras and I would rate it highly with the bitter dark chocolate playing with the sweetness of the foie gras and pineapple.

Main Dish
Carrie had the beef tenderloin with potato puree and mushroom sauce that was cooked medium rare and was very good. The potato puree was not as flavorful as I was hoping but the beef was cooked wonderfully and the mushroom sauce reduction was great. Again, we realized how much we missed a good piece of beef.

Charles had the rack of lamb with pesto potatoes that was again cooked to perfection and both pieces went well together. The pesto potatoes were great with the lamb as both were very flavorful. The pesto would have over powered the beef but was great with this dish.


We had a dessert platter, as it was Carrie’s birthday, based on the chocolate lava cake and the apricot/blueberry crumble we ordered. The chef also threw in the creme caramel for Carrie’s birthday. Overall the lava cake as the signature dessert was wonderful and went well with the hazelnut ice cream. The crumble was actually bland and left us wanting apricots as the taste of the fruit did not come out at all or maybe we just get spoiled with great apricots at home. The creme caramel was very good. The texture was wonderful and the flavors of the creme and a slight burnt flavor were a nice surprise. I normally do not like this dish all that much but this was very well done.


We had a Grant Burge Holy Trinity red wine from Australia for the entire meal, as one bottle seemed to be enough for two of us (although we did think of ordering another bottle). It overpowered the appetizers a little but went very well with the main courses and was good with the chocolate cake. The wine was very good and since we have not been drinking good wine and by that I mean really any wine, it was just what we needed to remind us why we loved living near wine country.

Service and Summary

The service was very good and the waiter had good recommendations. The waiter was even kind enough to ask us if we wanted to rest between courses, which we did, and then delay our entrees. (We did spend three hours savoring our meal) He let us savor our food and our time together without bothering us. The wine was always filled as were the water glasses. Some of the best service in Singapore so far.

Overall, it was a great treat to take Carrie to an upscale western place in Singapore. It was a pleasant surprise to find such a culinary delight in Singapore and to get our fill of western food before this weekends trip to Hong Kong. The only real downside of the meal was the mosquitoes that came out later in the night and seemed to like Carrie’s legs.

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2 thoughts on “Food Adventure #5: Western Food in Singapore

  1. Happy Birthday Carrie!

  2. Happy Birthday! Also note that the Burger King at Clarke Quay has beer 🙂

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