My favorite car a Toyota Corolla can be yours for just $60k.

Carrie and I gave up our car when we left San Francisco, as we had heard that it was not necessary to have one in Singapore. Well that and we had heard stories of sky high prices of cars in Singapore. I for one, did not really believe the hype. I mean how could people that weren’t millionaires afford cars priced in the $100k range?

Well one thing is for sure, I am not sure how people afford the cars but the stories are true, cars in Singapore are expensive and going up in price. See article below.

Car Prices Spore 0001

I am happy to note that my favorite car, Toyota Corolla, made the list for a relatively affordable Singapore Dollar amount of 85,000 (60,000 US Dollars). Needless to say I am happy to live without a car and I hope this makes everyone in the US appreciate their cars just a little more.

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2 thoughts on “My favorite car a Toyota Corolla can be yours for just $60k.

  1. Anonymous

    WOW!! that is more than 2x the price in M'sia if convert from SGD to MYR.
    – Chang

  2. While I didn't have much of a car to begin with, let's just say I'm happy I'm not living with a car in DC as well; you reduce your stress a lot by not owning one and reading to and from work is awesome!

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