Beautiful Gardens…manicured Singapore Style

On Sunday, as I was feeling a little suffocated by the urban jungle, Carrie and I ventured out to the the Botanic Gardens in Singapore for a glimmer of outdoor time. It is only a short 5-10min taxi ride form our condo but it felt like it was hundreds of miles away from Singapore. It was a great break from the so called City and into the green space that I have discovered is all over Singapore, you just need to look.

The description of the gardens with photos is below, but I wanted to make short note as to why the parks and green space are not well advertised in Singapore. It is simply because people in Singapore dislike walking, dislike the hot weather, and dislike being outdoor. I could go on for ages about why this is, but suffice it to say that when I take the stairs in the morning out of the subway or actually enjoy getting out for lunch because of the hot weather and sun, I am an oddity.

However, despite the lack of general joy over the outdoors Singapore does have some wonderful retreats in the city and the botanic gardens is one of those retreats.

Our first stop was in the beautiful Orchid Garden, which was definitely the highlight of the tour and something not to be missed if you have time in Singapore. There were a vast variety of orchids and you realize just how beneficial the rain and humidity can be, at least for some organisms.

There was a cool house that was built to mimic a mountain top rain forest that was soaking wet and very cold compared to the outside air, but still grew some smaller but interesting orchids. Also as you can see above there was an area for bromeliads that included pineapples.

Carrie and I had a great time touring around the botanic gardens. We saw a ginger garden, a bamboo garden, some fruit trees, and plenty of green paths and lakes to keep us happy for a few weeks at least. Above Carrie is soaking up the natural beauty and notice how large the trees are, partly because they are old and partly because things tend to grow very fast in these tropical environments.

I hope you enjoyed our ramble in the greenery that can be found in Singapore.

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