Food Adventure #4 : Come here often?

This adventure wasn’t so adventurous, nor so much about food. But it was grand and it involved drinks, so close enough.

Carrie and I finally checked off another essential tourist item a week ago, when we got ourselves a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar.

See pictures below and commentary to follow:

The bar itself pictured here really feels like a colonial bar, with palm fans, rattan chairs, and wood trim and waiters dressed in all white clothes. Some people might find it hokey, but it does have a certain historic charm to it. We sat upstairs in the bar area, but you could also sit downstairs with all the masses and really make it feel touristy. 

Here is Carrie enjoying her Singapore Sling, notice the label proudly displayed so as to prove her experience at the Raffles. I think she really enjoyed the fruity concotion as it was sweet but with a slight kick and really cooled us down from the heat.

I am enjoying my drink as well, in a manly laid back fashion. It was a great way to finish off a Friday after work. I am willing to go back, as long as we are with friends that come to visit. Hint: Come visit.

So with that a short sweet, but alcoholic food adventure is done.

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One thought on “Food Adventure #4 : Come here often?

  1. Our corporte office for Asia is located in Singapore and the Conrad in Singapore is one of the hotels that falls under our luxury department. I hope that I will need to travel for business one of these days 🙂

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