Cooking Class in Chinese

Despite the finger cutting incident, Charles is still positive on cooking, especially because one of Carrie’s coworkers was kind enough to invite us over and teach us how to cook local chinese food. We had been looking forward to this class for weeks and almost couldn’t sleep the night before we were so excited.

We managed to get up early and headed to a traditional kaya toast breakfast followed be a wet market, which was extremely fun. It was an all out assault on the senses including fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, fruit and a wonderful stop at a dried food place that had chrysanthemums, peanuts, dried sea cucumber, noodles, etc. We bought a few things for ourselves to take home and Carrie’s coworker managed to finalize the few items she needed for the class.

We then proceeded to cooking class, at Carrie’s coworker’s home. It was a wonderful condo that had been redone with a spectacular focus on the kitchen. It was one of the most practical kitchens I have eve seen with industrial stainless steel everywhere, a trash can built into the counter, and a concrete kitchen island that really complemented the look.

Here we are ready to cook, with aprons and all. Notice the latex glove protecting my finger.

For class/lunch we prepared six dishes including dessert, see accompanying photos of the dishes and the chefs hard at work.

Above Carrie and I are preparing Gingko nuts for the dessert.

Here Carrie is preparing the minched (ground) pork for the pork and tofu stirfry, while I slice the tofu.
Here is the braised pig trotters with eggs (Delicious!)
Here we have the stir fried vegetables and the finished tofu and pork stir fry. Both simple but great dishes

Next came the steamed fish
The last picture is Carrie hard at work finishing the meal, while I hold my hands behind my back and salivate for the food. It was a great experience and some very good recipes which Carrie and I both hope to cook in the future. I really liked the interplay of all the flavors and textures, and the variety of dishes made it more interesting. After we lunch we had some great conversation as well, which just goes to show you that food and company make for wonderful afternoons. Just another day on our tropical island.
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2 thoughts on “Cooking Class in Chinese

  1. i'm glad you both enjoyed it as much as we did! i've got thai, jap, vietnamese, indian cooking lessons lined up for you next!

  2. Anonymous

    Hint #1, north of Singapore, my guess: Malaysia LO 🙂

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