Trip 1, Answer: Where in the world is Carrie and Charles Thorlitzer?

We are headed to Hong Kong for 4 days the first weekend of April.

Our now world famous winners: Renee Lim and Bryan Chang, both WAA coworkers in Malaysia which will make delivery easy for their oh-so-exciting prizes, which will be purchased in Hong Kong.

Thanks everyone for playing. Hope you enjoyed the game. Great guesses–most of which are on our list of travel destinations for the next 2 years. It was really fun for us to see where you guessed. As we book future plane tickets, we’ll play again!

Some of you need to go find a globe or make friends with Google maps (sorry Lo, but KL is not an Island, but at least you were correct that it’s north of Singapore). Others need to Wikipedia geographic terms so they know what an Island is or is not (yes Japan is an Island, technically it’s a grouping of islands). I told you this was going to jog your 4th grade memory!! Learn something new every day.

Please remember, only one guess per person per day, and that also means each guess can only include one destination. Renee had actually guessed two, but as Hong Kong was her first one, and I hadn’t been specific with the directions, I gave it to her.
Several asked how specific you had to be: generally speaking, it depends on the trip and the country. If our trip is only going to be a single city (usually a very well known city like Hong Kong) then I’d think you need to name the city and a guess of China would not count. I’ll make note of how specific you need to be in the header of future games. Also, we might factor in the vagueness of the hint at the time you guess. ex: if we said North of Singapore and you said Japan and the answer was Tokyo, we’d probably give it to you.

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One thought on “Trip 1, Answer: Where in the world is Carrie and Charles Thorlitzer?

  1. Anonymous

    Due to our time differences, I was only notified about clue #3 and was going to guess the Philipines or Taiwan, which are also wrong, but hey, at least they are islands!! LOL!
    Came to post my comment and see you posted clue #4 and already have winners. Not sure if I'll guess next time, without having to cheat and google it. As you can see, I suck at this guessing game, I did much better on Fact or Crap, only missed one or two out of 10. It was still fun to play at the risk of sounding like a fool. LO 🙂

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