Trip to Jakarta and a wedding Part I

We flew to Jakarta on one of South East Asia’s budget airlines: Tiger Air. Our first trip from Singapore and we were so excited (see photo, yes I’m that person who takes photos on the airplane!!) Budget is the name of the game and you not only pay for any luggage but how much it weighs. Charles and I, as seasoned travelers, flew carry on, but learned they have a very strict policy of no more than 7kg a person, otherwise they charge you on the spot $18 / kg over that! We both managed to be under the 7kg limit, whew! Leg room on this flight was NOT what we had when we flew over to Singapore. Please see photo. Yes, those are three fingers between my knees and the seat in front of me. Luckily it was only an hour and a half flight.

We landed booked a cab and bucked in for what we knew was going to be a long drive. You see, Jakarta is known for having some of the worst traffic in the world, and the city decided not to let us down. An hour later, after only going 25 Km (15 miles) we arrived at our hotel.

We were picked up on Saturday morning by another one of Charles’ coworkers who was headed to the wedding too. Wedding was suppose to start at 10am. In the US, we know that means that bride will walk down the aisle at 10:10 or 10:15 at the latest and if you want a good seat you best be there at 9:45 at the latest. So we arrived at 9:40 and were officially the first people at the venue, including before a single family member arrived or any of the wedding party!

The ceremony was an hour and a half Christian wedding all in Indonesian Bahasa which means we didn’t understand a lick of it except “Allah” (God), “Ronny” (groom’s name) and “Dona” (bride’s name)…..oh and we recognized “amin” (amen). However we were able to distinguish what was going on as we’ve been to enough weddings over the years that some things just translate across language barriers with no explanation needed. The bride’s dress was over the top and very beautiful, with beading and bows and a stunning veil. Parent’s play a much larger role in the ceremony than they do in the US and they actively welcome the new member to their respective family. Even during the ceremony the bride and groom switch sides (bride switches to left, groom to right) to symbolize being part of their new family. Only about 50 people attended, which surprised us as we were told that 1000 people were expected at the reception.

We left the ceremony after going through the receiving line (a first for us) with the same coworkers who then took us out to a traditional Indonesian lunch and then some sight seeing (see post on food Adventure #3 Kopi Luwak).

Reception details to follow in next post…..

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