Overview: Where in the world is Carrie and Charles Thorlitzer?

Since so many of you enjoyed Fact or Crap we have a new additional game to play. Here’s what we are going to do:

While we are living in Singapore we’ll be making the most of being located in SEAsia and will hopefully be flying the friendly skies as much as we can. Rather than just telling you about where we are headed…..we’re going to have you guess, just like the game “Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?”

Every day for 4 consecutive days we’ll give you a hint. Comment in with your guesses and the first 2 people with the correct answer (destination) will get a prize and everlasting fame on this blog. You can use ‘anonymous’ so you don’t have to sign in but please make sure you sign your name. Day 1 will be the most vague, Day 4 the least. Good for you to use your brain or a world map, boo to those who resort to google. Please only one guess a person per day. We figure this is also incentive for you to sign up for our emailing service, so you can stay up to date with our posts and win yourself a snazy prize from that destination!

Read to play?

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One thought on “Overview: Where in the world is Carrie and Charles Thorlitzer?

  1. Anonymous

    My guess, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where you might even visit with Renee and Elise. LO 🙂

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