Fact or Crap answers

Hope you enjoyed the game.  We’ll do it again as we discover more strange and amazing things about Singapore and South East Asia.  Here are the Answers….

1. Fact or Crap? A queen size mattress sold in Singapore are the same size as a queen size mattress sold in the US.
CRAP–Width wise they are the same, but they are shorter length wise by about 5 inches. This is fine by Charles and I as we aren’t terribly tall for Americans. This serves is a warning for all you who plan to visit and use our guest room…your feet might be off the bottom. 

2. Fact or Crap? Queen size sheets sold in Singapore are the same size as queen size sheets sold in the US.
FACT!!! go figure. (at least the sheets we bought locally were 5″ too long!)  fun fact–Flat sheets are not sold here (or at least we cant find them). When you buy a set it comes with a fitted sheet, a comforter cover and pillow cases. The idea is that you sleep with only a comforter and thus the comforter cover is considered your top sheet.

3. Fact or Crap? Queen size bed frames in Singapore are the same size as queen bed frames sold in the US.
CRAP — they fit the shorter mattresses, again go figure.

4. Fact or Crap? A Singapore Debit card (bank check card) can only be used for cash and select stores but not online.
Fact — maybe it’s the same in the US as I’ve never tried to use a debit card online, but we discovered that you cannot use a debit card online when trying to book airline tickets for an upcoming trip. Charles submitted his card, and it was rejected. Again submitted and again rejected. Carried tried with her debit card and she was also rejected. After a quick call to the bank we learned that debit cards can only be used for cash and select sorts but not online. good to know, but what a strange policy.

5. Fact or Crap? Obtaining a Singapore credit card is a very simple process and we already have 2!
CRAP!!! sparing you the details, this is a very long, complex, painful process for non Singaporeans which we started 6 weeks ago and still do not have a local credit card.

6. Fact or Crap? Locals clean their kitchens by first sweeping and then throwing buckets of water all over the floor
FACT — We witnessed this at Carrie’s coworkers house when we were there for New Year Reunion dinner. The eve of NY involves lots of cleaning and we observed that to clean a kitchen you first sweep it and then pour buckets of water on the floor which washes away any remaining particles or things on the floor down the floor drain specifically built for this. After seeing this, we realized that the kitchens and bathrooms were all slightly sunken floors from the rest of the rooms to contain the water and have drains for this purpose and ours in our condo was the same way. And of course the weather is warm enough that any remaining moisture on the floor quickly evaporates.  We have now reverted to doing as the locals do and I must say it is quite fantastic–why fight with a mop, when you can have fun by sloshing water everywhere in buckets?! Even the refrigerator has special raised plastic legs for this purpose!

7. Fact or Crap? Shower curtains in Singapore are optional
FACT — if your shower is above a bathtub here, it normally has walls on 3 slides like ours in the US, but on the 4th side there is a little wall that only spans 1/4 the length of the bathtub. Our serviced apartment was like this, many of the condos we looked at were like this and the condo we are now living in is like this. In the serviced apartment this especially confused us as it looked like it was simply missing the curtain and thus water got EVERYWHERE. But now that we know about the whole ‘cleaning by buckets of water’ thing, this makes more sense as locals tend not to care if water goes everywhere or not. This would also explain why it was so extremely difficult for us to find and buy a shower curtain, rod and rings!

8. Fact or Crap? All electrical items sold in Singapore have the same wall plug, but in a ground and non ground version much like in the US.

Technically CRAP — ours look like this wher the plug is the same, just has a round ground or not.
In Singapore, the wall pulgs looks like this: a combination of flat pins, round pings, 2 prong, 3 prong.
but the confusing part is that there is only one wall outlet (looks like the plug on the far left.  Charles and I bought alarm clocks that looked like the middle plug and for the life of us could not figure out how to get this plug in (or even if it should go in).  We fought and fought with it and finally gave up as it looked like there was a built in child protector that we could not figure out how to get rid of.  Next day at work I explained the situation to a coworker and the response was “oh you just jam a pen into the ground and it unlocks the mechanism so that you can stick the plug in”….since we as childern at an early age learned NOT to stick anything into wall plugs, we had not thought of doing that.  Sure enough, it works…go figure. 

9. Fact or Crap? In Singapore, you can buy bars of gold at the bank.
Fact — we have not tried to do this yet as we have no idea how much a bar would cost, but how cool is that?!?!?!  a bar of gold!!!!  Talk about an investment.
10. Fact or Crap? The main language of Singapore is English.
FACT — yes the main language of Singapore is English however there are 4 ofiicial languages: English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin), and Tamil (Indian dialect).  Before English was so widespred, all official documents, including newspapers and fliers, were printed in all 4 languages.  Charles and I plan on taking a crash course on conversational Mandarin, as this is the time do to so when we have coworkers to practice with!

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