Food Adventure #2 (Would you like that to go?)

This post will be very short, but very important. It is a wonderful food adventure. It is something that I really cherish and in fact hope to bring home to the US in some fashion.

The experience itself is a local one, and not something that all expats partake in, as some expats never make it to the real local dining scene. It is not gross or really daring but has been described, to quote me at the time, as “This is freaking awesome”

Below are some pictures of this great adventure with some comments to follow.

That is right, it is a simple but effective method of carrying a drink on the go, and in fact is how locals get drinks to go. A drink in a bag. Whoever invented this thing is genius. The bag is extremely convenient to carry, can be filled up to the brim or not (make it a small or a large) and can be opened to accommodate ice cubes, lemon edges, other garnish and the drink. Also, since you carry it by the rubber bands that keep it closed you are highly unlikely to spill it.

So simple, but so effective and definitely a keeper. In fact Carrie’s coworkers found some bags for me to purchase so I can use this method at home for drinking around the house. If you are in the market for some drinking bags I can sell you some but it will be a high price due to the prized nature of the bags…no drink or straw included.

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2 thoughts on “Food Adventure #2 (Would you like that to go?)

  1. Anonymous

    How about one for your Dad?

  2. Next step, beer in a bag.

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