Food Adventures #1

This is long over due and in some ways has been encapsulated by other posts but I am staring a new series of posts entitled food adventures. Singapore is well known for food especially variety. The food here is a mix of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, and local favorites that really only show up in Singapore.

I have posted in the past about chicken feet, stir fries, hot pot, and Chili crab but below is an amalgamation of our many food adventures small and large.

First off, I am an adventurous eater and love food, if you didn’t already know. I am also a big fan of trying what the locals eat and experiencing new food, also Carrie and I go out to lunch most days because the locals want to show us around, then when we get home we compare notes and try various things on weekends or at night.

The Food Adventures will attempt to chronicle all the good and bad

The first one is really a photo montage of a
wonderful night at the East Coast Seafood Centre. We were very luck to taken there by my coworker and her husband. They showed us a wonderful time and introduced us to some great food.

On the top is the Black Pepper Crab and on the bottom is the Chili Crab. Both wonderfully spicy in their own way.

On the top is a picture of the crab again as well as some drunken prawns. These prawns get drunk on the rice whiskey and are them flambeed live in the whiskey and served in the whisky broth. It is quite intense but great.

One the rbottom is Yu Shen, a Chinese New Years dish that is interactive and tasty. You mix it yourself at the table by lifting all the ingredients with chopsticks and wishing for good things during the New Year. We were blessed to have this dish a number of times during the new years festivities.

We needed bibs to keep our clothes clean from all the wonderful food, especially the chili crab.

Our next adventure was one week later and provided by Carrie’s coworker. She invited us to a ten course dinner of wonderful chinese delicacies as evidenced below.

On the ltop is Yu Shen again before mixing. On the bottom is after mixing and full of new years wishes. A delicious mess.

On the top is soup in a coconut, a unique way to serve the soup and it made the flesh of the coconut tasty when you ate it. On the bottom is pork covered in pork floss (you can look that up on your own).

The two dishes above are fish on the top and scallops and vegetables on the bottom. No explanation really needed but a different presentation.

On the top is tofu and on the bottom is a wonderful roasted duck that had a smoky flavor and crispy skin. Magnificent….

Yes we are still at the same dinner by the way…

On the top is a dish similar to glutinous rice but it tastes salty and was cooked in leaf that made it not sticky but imparted a woody flavor. On the bottom we have wasabi prawns and a famous Singaporean dish called cereal prawns. They are cooked with the shells own in a semi-sticky sauce and then covered in, yep you guessed it, corn flakes. That is right, cereal aka corn flake prawns. They are actually quite good but it is hard to keep the cereal on the prawns when you de-shell them.

Charles is eating Chili Padi or DAMN hot chili and the table mate to the left is impressed with his chopstick skills and his ability to eat spicy food. In fact that cake was his reward…just kidding the cake was for the Birthdays of people in February.

That was quite an adventure of gastronomic marathon like quality and quantity.

We have two more quick adventures before this post ends so tighten your belts a little the food keeps coming.

The two photos above are shots of one of my new favorite desserts. That is right…bread ice cream. These are not your sissy, mass produced ice cream sandwiches. These are hand made by street cart guys that can customize the ice cream flavor and layer it on soft, sugary wonderfully pink and green bread. It is wonderful and something that is uniquely Singaporean and Singapore is a better place because of this.

The fruit above is Durian. It looks scary, smells even worse and is either loved or hated. Most westerners do not understand it at all but I had to try it (Carrie had her first taste years ago in Malaysia).

Carrie is more excited than I am about the Durian, but I will have to try it again to see if it is an acquired taste. I did not mind it but I wouldn’t say I liked it either. It smells sickly sweet, almost like rotting fruit and the texture is like socks covered in yogurt. Or at least that is my best way to describe the adventure. It is definitely unique.

The next food adventure will be posted shortly…

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