Sentosa Royalty

There is a resort style island south of Singapore called Sentosa Island. Technically it is part of Singapore, however it does not feel like Singapore. This is the place that has the aquarium with the pink dolphins we blogged about earlier.

They have just opened up ‘Resort World’ which includes a Universal Studios theme park complete with a Shrek castle that I swear looks just like Disney’s sleeping beauty castle, several themed hotels and a huge state of the art casino. This is all part of Singapore’s master plan to turn Singapore into less of just a travel (fly thru) hub and more of a stopover location or even a destination.

We made the mistake of wanting to go to the beach on the opening weekend of Resort World and thus fought the crowds who were trying to get to the casino when all we wanted was the beach!

Finally, after waiting painfully in a 200 person taxi queue line, we made it to the beach.

We ended up at his place called Azzure and for the price of a drink or two or food it you want, you get to use their phenomenal lounge areas. They have these plush couches, loungers, cabanas, hammocks with full sun, partial sun or covered as options for your lounging experience. There are several pools for you to cool off in (ironic since you are AT the beach) and a very friendly (very tan) wait staff. The beach itself was packed with much of the hard labor work force (construction guys) whom mostly are Indian immigrants, which appears do not own bathing suits and do not know it is impolite to stare. The part that is hard to explain is how much you feel like royalty just by being at a place like this…all for the price of an ice tea or two. There is even a security force to ‘shoo’ away any looky-loos passing by who are trying to take photos of us un-tan Caucasians, which I think only adds to the feeling of ‘rock stardom royalty.’

So we lounged the afternoon away, with our pasty white San Francisco skin and bathing suits that haven’t been used in months with Friends Sam and Jamie Fox. We managed to not burn ourselves, and had a tremendously good time.

We even had an encounter with the beautiful people of Singapore known as ‘the models’ (say it with a bit of a sneer). Funny how a person like myself who has no idea there are such people in Singapore, can spot a group of people and the first thing I think to myself is ‘I wonder if they are models?’. 4 guys, 4 girls, look to be European based on the fact men are in short board shorts which we Californians know mean they are NOT from the US. The men had no shirts on which they were perfectly comfortable with, the perfect tan, wash board stomachs but not too over the top and perfect teeth while the girls were just as tall as the men, skinny as hell and wearing the most ridiculous of outfits straight from the pages of fashion magazines where you think to yourself “who the hell wears this crap”…..well apparently ‘the beautiful people’ do. A bottle of vodka is promptly delivered to their cabana with what appears to be a jug of mixer. I learn that yes they are models and various clubs and bars will pay for them and/or their booze if they show up for an hour or two….again amazing that you just ‘know’ when you see these people. Of course I didn’t have the guts to strut my whiteness over to them to take a photo or even one from afar. Next time!

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