Fact or Crap?

In the states there is a delightful game that I recommend to everyone called “Fact or Crap?”  The premise is that you read a statement and then have to decide if the statement is Fact or Crap (true or false).  Charles and I for the past two years have purchased the daily calendar version which I highly recommend not using as a calendar, but using it as a road trip car game with our good friends the Downings.

You ask yourself why I mention this….because we’re going to play Fact or Crap.  We’ll write statements and you have to decide if it is Fact or Crap. Answers will be posted in 1 week.  Comment in with your guesses.

1. Fact or Crap? A queen size mattress sold in Singapore are the same size as a queen size mattress sold in the US.

2. Fact or Crap? Queen size sheets sold in Singapore are the same size as queen size sheets sold in the US.

3. Fact or Crap? Queen size bed frames in Singapore are the same size as queen bed frames sold in the US.

(….you know something fishy happened if we have 3 questions about it)
4. Fact or Crap? A Singapore Debit card (bank check card) can only be used for cash and select stores but not online.

5. Fact or Crap? Obtaining a Singapore credit card is a very simple process and we already have 2!

6. Fact or Crap? Locals clean their kitchens by first sweeping and then throwing buckets of water all over the floor

7. Fact or Crap? Shower curtains in Singapore are optional

8. Fact or Crap? All electrical items sold in Singapore have the same wall plug, but in a ground and non ground version much like in the US.

9. Fact or Crap?  In Singapore, you can buy bars of gold at the bank.

10. Fact or Crap? The main language of Singapore is English.

Enjoy guessing.

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7 thoughts on “Fact or Crap?

  1. Anonymous

    What a fun game! My guess: 1,2,3 and 5 are crap and 4,6-10 are fact. Was also thinking since 1-3 are all related to queen size beds, they were either all crap or all fact, in my thinking. Watch me get one right, #10 LOL!!, we’ll see… LO 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hooray for Fact or Crap! We think of you every morning when we read our daily fact or crap calendar (don't worry, we're saving them all for our next Downing-Thorlitzer road trip!)I'm going to guess: 1-3, 5, 8 are crap, 4, 6-7, 9-10 are fact.
    I love reading about all your adventures, keep the updates coming! Miss you both tons 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Fact or Crap: Whilst playing any number of drinking games during road trips to USC games, both sides of the competition are know to spontaneously erupt into “Muffin Tops!”

  4. Anonymous

    Ooooh. I love a game! Clever way to make things more interactive!
    1. Fact
    2. Crap
    3. Fact
    4. Fact
    5. Crap
    6. Fact
    7. Fact
    8. Crap
    9. Crap
    10. Fact

    I miss you! Keep on having amazing adventures so I can continue living vicariously! – Elise

  5. 1-3 feel like trick questions. I'm gonna say all crap.
    4 Fact
    5 Crap
    6 Fact
    7 Fact (Aren't shower curtains always optional?)
    8 Fact
    9 Crap
    10 Fact

  6. Anonymous

    Good guesses. keep them coming. So far we have 4 guesses, one of which got 90% correct! but there is one question that everyone had gotten wrong, but I wont tell you which it was until Friday. Keep guessing…..
    ~ Carrie

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