Just Another Day at the Office?

Today was a little surreal for me. I got up earlier than normal and had trouble sleeping last night because I was really excited for a Monday of work. I know that sounds odd but this was not a normal day at the office…or actually it is now a normal day at the office but before two months ago it was abnormal.

The day today started at 6:30am when I caught a taxi to the airport for a quick 20 minute ride to Terminal 2, where I scanned my passport for entry and caught a flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia after a brisk 45 minute flight.

I arrived in Malaysia and got another passport stamp, learned some new phrases and caught a taxi into Kuala Lumpur (which is 45 mins from the airport). It was great. The Petronas Towers gleamed across the skyline and I realized I really was in another country and really was living and working in Southeast Asia. I mean how many people do I know that go to KL for the day? Really?

Unfortunately I did not get to do any sight seeing, but I did have two great client meetings and then rushed back to the airport to fly into Singapore for a late night.

The interesting thing was that I realized everyone who flys into Singapore has to go through immigration, there are no domestic flights into this country. Which is obvious, but really hits home when there is no international terminal because every terminal is international and that everyone has to clear immigration.

The other great thing is now that I have an employment pass I can go through the automated customs clearing and not have to wait inline with other passport holders. It was a breeze to get back into the country and I was glad to be home. I was also glad to have my first business trip go so well, and pleased with my successful stop over in Malaysia.

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