Reunion Dinner

Carrie and I were blessed to be invited by one of Carrie’s wonderful coworkers to a reunion dinner for Chinese New Year’s Eve. The dinner is traditionally a time where family gets together to meet up, eat, and enjoy each other’s company for the night to ring in the New Year.

It was really an honor to be invited and of course we attended. We had some mix ups, some faux pas, but overall I think we performed admirably and we were able to eat some wonderful authentic food.

Faux Pas of the night: Wearing Red, which is supposed to be done on actual New Years, the day after. We are just so excited that we couldn’t wait. But we do look festive don’t we?

For dinner it is typical for the family to eat hotpot or steamboat, which is a boiling broth into which you put meat, vegetables, tofu, etc to cook. You get a great variety of food and in fact get whatever you want to eat and you get to share with others. It is fun and interactive way to eat the meal. See the pot and the massive spread of treats below just ready to be cooked in the pot.

The items included, tofu, mushrooms, crab meat, fish steaks, chicken, and prawns. All food that Americans would consider everyday fare. Standard stuff really…but there also included some other things that are not as standard fare but equally tasty or in some instances more tasty or less tasty depending on your feelings. See below for some of those treats with my explanation to follow.

The most obvious thing on the plate is of course the chicken foot. Which I had eaten earlier in the week for Dim Sum and have decided I like. Although I won’t be ordering it all the time, it is a nice change up. The other items that Carrie and I tried that had never been tried before included fish balls (ground up fish made into a ball), fish balls with pork, fish stomach, and pork stomach. In review I really liked the chicken feet and fish balls. I will definitely have again and would order them at a restaurant but appreciated the home cooking. The stomachs of the pig and fish, were not bad but were rather flavorless and had texture that while not bad was not something I would crave. It is worth a try though for a real change in the diet and it is a delicacy. The dinner though you might think otherwise was only part of the experience for the night…

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