Lecture and fun in Chinatown

Last night carrie and I went with one of her coworkers to Chinatown to learn about how Chinese singaporeans get ready for Chinese new years.(seriously singaporeans are some of the nicest people, and so patient with our questions)

It was very fun and informative. I am so excited for the holiday now and really in the spirit.

The picture above is a great shot of all the chaos and fun shopping in preparation for the new year.

Above are dried persimmions. Like everything for the Chinese new years they represent wealth and prosperity because they are golden globes. This is why you see so many gold colored things and why it is traditional to exchange oranges for Chinese new years.

Above are sweets called Mochi which are from Taiwan which come in all sorts of flavors from durian to chocolate. We bought a kilo and were given another kilo for free. Notice all the colors and realize how lost we were without carrie’s coworker. Thankfully she guided us to some spectacular goodies.

Above are dried meats. In particular these are smoked and dried ducks. The traditional meat though is BBQ and dried pork. We managed to buy some of that as well.

It was a wonderful experience with a great guide. Now our home has more goodies than we know what to do with, but we are ready to bring in the new year.

We also saw fireworks over the river. They went off in a colorful flurry or as carrie said it was five minutes of finale like fireworks. This was the third time we have seen fireworks in four weeks and it never gets old.

Also please bear with us as blogging will be slow for awhile as we have moved into our new place and do not have internet yet. The iPhone is my friend right now.

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