Ikea part one of many

IKEA is a great place but also an enemy of mine. I find the goods there are a good value, very practical, and perfect for starting an apartment. However I always spend at least three hours lost in the aisles and money gets sucked out of my wallet.

Carrie and I have spent at least 15 hours in ikea over the past two weeks looking for furniture for our new condo. Of course we had to get things delivered as we have no car here, which meant buying one day and waiting for almost a week until we can actually enjoy the furniture. Needless to say we slept on a mattress on the floor for four nights in anticipation of s bed frame among other things.

We did get everything delivered today and in Singapore they assemble as well. Talk about professionals, they assembled three dressers, a bed, a sofa bed, and a bookcase before I was done with two office chairs.

The other great thing about ikea is the picture below.

That my friends is a creation from heaven. The udders pictured above dispense ketchup, mustard, and of course chili sauce. Like I said, ikea is practical they have condiment udders.

Anyways, sorry for the sidenote but our condo is feeling like more like home.

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