I cant believe we are still having Phone issues

Last night (Saturday) at about 8:45pm, my phone starts ringing.  I, who have given my phone # to no one yet, do not know who’s calling.  The Caller ID comes up as “blocked” and thus I do not answer.  Thinking to myself “DAMNIT I got one of those numbers that was recently used and thus other people are going to be calling me, wasting my minutes, trying to reach someone else”  this is, by the way, exactly what happened to Charles and I when we got our San Francisco land line and it was a nightmare.

The caller calls 3 more times in 15 minutes.  Finally I decide to pick up……
it’s SingTel.  “hi ma’am, I’m calling from SignTel and I need to verify your account information”.  I’m thinking to myself “WHAT?!?! at 9pm on a Saturday!  don’t you people have anything better to do?  and I just signed up yesterday, isn’t that verification enough!!!!” 

They needed to confirm my employer.  What the hell?  After yelling “AGILENT” into the phone several times and then resorting to spelling it out, “thank you ma’am, that’s all”.  REALLY!?!?!?  you people need to find better things to do with your time.

I attempted to check my voice mail to see if they had left any prior messages, but instead of a Voice Mail set up which is what I was expecting to hear, I got “enter your pin”….like I have any idea what my pin is.  DAMN, now I have to call SingTel and get this all sorted out.

That was last night.  So today (Sunday morning) Charles, who’s having the same problem as I am, start searching online to see if we can avoid a call to SingTel and find the answer ourselves.  We read that the temporary password is either 0000# or 9999#.  We try both and they do not work for either of us.  So I call SingTel where I’m informed to dial 9999#.  I think to myself ‘well maybe I did it wrong.  ok i’ll try again’ so I hang up and try again….9999# still doesn’t work.

I call back and get a different person.  I told him I tried 9999# and it didn’t work, he looked into my account and said I hadn’t signed up for Voice Mail and that if I’d like it that would be $5 per line per month.  GRRRRRRR.  

You jerks, this was suppose to be included in my corporate plan. “oh just a minute ma’am, let me check”……5 minutes goes by……”oh yes, I see that 24 months should have been included.  I’ll make the modifications now but they wont be active until 6pm Monday night.”

REALLY!?!?!?  what is wrong with you people!  I swear I have no idea how this company is still in business.  4 visits, 4 calls from a blocked number, 2 calls to tech support….what the hell…..we should have gone with Starhub but we didn’t listen to all the signs in front of us and now are locked into 24 months of misery!

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