What I learned this week – Week in summary

I learned that one reason why locals are so keen on CROCs and plastic flip flops is because when it rains they are the most practical as normal footwear (aka all that Charles and I own) gets wet and soggy instantly and then stays that way for hours.

I learned that Singapore has taken Karaoke to the next level which includes a singing not to recorded music but to a live band, just as if you were the lead singer. If you know how to play an instrument, you are welcome to bust your moves out too.

I learned that it is easy to get too comfortable with thinking you know how to navigate around in a city you’ve only lived in for 2 weeks. One wrong bus in the wrong direction will humble you.

I learned that if you get wet outside in the rain, you don’t really notice you are wet until you get on a bus/ into a taxi/ into a building all of which have air conditioning going full blast and you are instantly freezing!

I learned that it is getting harder and harder to get myself out of bed to dial into meetings with US counterparts

I learned that I’m super excited about Chinese New Year! It’s been so great learning about the traditions associated with it that I even now have decorations in my cube (just like everyone else around me….except I’m the only one who can’t read them and thus don’t know what they mean)

I learned that Satay the way Singapore does it is AWESOME.

I learned that even my pasty white skin from San Francisco, is considered TAN here!!! Singaporeans avoid being outside like the plague…I’m still trying to figure out exactly why.

I learned that wearing deodorant in Singapore is optional, and the humidity makes the outcome 100 times worse! Charles—don’t go thinking this is optional for you.

I learned not only am I in food heaven, but I’m also surrounded by fellow foodies. It’s amazing that so much pride is taken in preparing and eating at every level of the ‘food chain’ from street vendors to 5 star restaurants and that all levels of the population are foodies!

I learned that I am thankful for waterproof mascara for two reasons: rain and humidity

I learned that Singapore has awesome foldable umbrellas. They are like ours, but instead when folded up , the ends point up and not towards the handle. This is genius because now it is the underside or dry side that is on the outside of a folded wrapped up umbrella! This eliminates the dilemma of ‘what am I going to do with this wet soggy umbrella, I wish I brought a bag to put it in.’ Problem solved! (now our families know what they are getting for Christmas this year)

I learned that when it’s raining and the sky is gray, I can’t help but feel like I’m back in San Francisco. It is a welcomed comforting feeling.

I learned that life without cell phones sucks….and the process of getting cell phones sucks even more .

I learned that eating out 3 meals a day makes you fat. I’m currently blaming the drier as the reason my pants are tighter than normal. When Charles was asked the unanswerable question of “Do this pants make my butt look fat?” to which his witty response was “Nope, it’s your butt that makes your butt look fat.” Thank you Dear for sugar coating it for me.….

Mission for this weekend: 1,2,3: Cell phones!!! 4. New wallet as my current one doesn’t fit the local currency 5. Check out little India 6. Book flights for our first weekend out of the country (first weekend of April) 7. Hair cut for Charles 8. Do something touristy (like the hop on hop off bus or the night safari) 9. Take new photo for the blog…one of us actually here in Singapore (maybe by the famous merlion)

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