Ready to Sign the Peace Treaty?

Day 3 in the Epic Quest for mobile phones continued and possibly concluded…

I met Carrie in the Orchard Road area of town after work to put the mobile phone issue to bed and despite the night before we figured that internet was the most important thing and we wanted to go with Singtel whom seemed to be the clear leader by talking to coworkers and doing research. Done deal, ready to spend money and you know how much I love spending money but I was committed to getting it done and felt good about our decision.

We walked into a relatively uncrowded Singtel store and queued up to get our number, again. We were pros at this. We were promptly called by Singtel Genius Jr to explain the entire thing again, but we cut him short as we knew the spiel including the wonderful television box that played exactly nothing.

Singtel Jr: Do you have the address of your permanent housing, so we can schedule service to begin when you move in?
Carrie: Of course, I came prepared. Here you go.
Charles: (insert smart ass remark about the cricket channel aka non-sports package here)
Singtel Jr: Hold on, the system doesn’t seem to like your address for some reason

Our Singtel Jr leaves us at this point to find a manager, who looks at the computer screen and then they both go off to find someone else who might know what it really means. I thought this meant maybe we’re VIPs as we managed to have three people working on our account. So much for that idea, as Singtel Jr returns 10 minutes later and says:

Singtel Jr: You are not eligible for television at your new address
Carrie: What?!?! (did he realy just say that?)
Charles: So the box that actually does nothing can’t even be installed?
Singtel Jr: That is correct (you have GOT to be kidding)
Carrie and Charles:What are the options if we don’t get TV?
Singtel Jr: Well we have another plan that bundles cell phones instead of television
(silly us for thinking we already had bundled cell phones in the original plan)
Carrie and Charles: So what is the other plan and how much does it cost? Do iphones or other data phones qualify?
Singtel Jr: The plan is $50 but does not include mobile phone data so this probably won’t work for you (are all their plans $50????)
Carrie and Charles: What about the internet speed of this plan?
Singtel Jr: Well the internet without television is slower and bundled plans start at $50. (yup, all plans are $50)
Carrie and Charles: So this new plan will not work for us with iphones and you dont have a plan if you can’t intall television, is that correct? (are we really having to ask this?!?!)
Singtel Jr: That is correct, but let me double check if we can install television. (why did the double checking not happen 20 minutes ago in this conversation)

Ten more minutes of waiting
Singtel Jr: My service team is gone for the day, but we might be able to install television
Carrie and Charles: Thinking, if three people got together and they still don’t know if it is possible this could be scary
Singtel Jr: I will contact you tomorrow to confirm if we can provide television service at your new apartment. Sorry I couldn’t help you this evening.
Charles: Well if you can’t install tv than we should go with StarHub (who actually has television channels)
Carrie:So we will know tomorrow?
Singtel Jr: Should be
Carrie: No, call us tomorrow.
Singtel Jr: Ok, my service team works tomorrow.

So we still have no cell phones… but did confirm that the Singtel service team works on Thursdays so if we need help on Thursdays in the future, we are good to go.
All we want to do is throw money at them and they just wont take it! how hard is it? we are good customers who want to buy your services and you are making it very difficult for us to do that….how are you still in business??? our Saga continues on to tomorrow. Wish us luck that they actually call.

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