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Cell Phone Saga Day 2

After a day off on Sunday we were back at the office and feeling frisky. We knew where the bathrooms were and were doing work. So a fairly uneventful day…until 6:30pm when we walked into the Singtel store to finally get our cell phones. Research done and ready to spend money.

So we waited in a short line to receive a number in order to wait again. Go figure, the lines on Saturday were just to wait again. Good thing we avoided that.

Our number was called and we sat down with our telecommunications specialist. He gave us his spiel about mobile plans and how bundling services was going to save us money. We were thrilled and then asked him a few simple questions about the services.

Carrie and Charles: If we sign up for everything at once what kind of discount do we get?
Singtel Genius: 20% off mobile phone plans and a $50 plan to include everything else.
Carrie and Charles: What is everything else?
Singtel Genius: Internet, Home Phone, and Television
Carrie and Charles: Tell us about the television
Singtel Genius: Our competitors have the all the channels locked up so we give you a box and a remote so our services are on demand
Carrie and Charles: So you are telling us we don’t actually get television
Singtel Genius: You could say that
Carrie and Charles:
Singtel Genius: But you really save money if you bundle it and for $26 additional you can get the sports package
Carrie and Charles: USC Football? Sweeet!
Singtel Genius: No Lah, Cricket
Carrie and Charles:
Carrie and Charles: So if we didn’t bundle television what is our option?
Singtel Genius: No 20% discount and $40 for internet, $10 for phone, no television and additional setup fees.
Charles the Mathematician: So for $50 bundled we get internet, phone, and a 20% discount and a fake television?
Carrie: Can we add this up? Right $50 without television…I am confused
Singtel Genius: Yeah if you want TV, our competitor is way better
Carrie and Charles: We think to ourselves, did we not understand his english…
Singtel Genius: Here is some marketing materials so you can think about it. But I will tell you Singtel’s internet is way better than Starhubs.

We leave the store at this point, more confused by this than we were by the 10,000 page US tax code. We concluded that television in Singapore consisted of people watching blank screens but loving their internet and at least they could talk to loved ones on their mobile phones.

Still no cell phones but determined (or stupid) we figured we would continue our quest tomorrow.

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