Food, Food, and Food….everywhere

After a long week at work Carrie and I both needed beer, food, and some place to unwind. Luckily we are living in a swanky area of town in our ghetto serviced apartment so we could leave our apartment and be on the doorstep of food and entertainment.

We headed out to try a Singaporean delicacy known as Chili Crab, which you guessed it is Crab covered in Chili Sauce.
But the real kicker is that it is uncracked and still covered in chili sauce and thus slippery, messy, and likely to get everywhere including on your clothes, the white table cloth, and potentially even get some in your mouth. Carrie managed to shoot a claw about four feet but don’t worry no one noticed but the neighbors, me, and the 25 wait staff on hand (ok only I noticed but really it went far and was HUGE).

See pictures below with comments on the food and location to follow:

We ate the crab at JUMBO seafood (fitting based on the size of the crab claws) on Clarke Quay and we both liked it. The sauce is sweet and spicy, reminiscent of a ketchup based chili sauce. We were glad that we had bibs provided as we did get food on ourselves and the table. I would highly recommend this dish to others coming to Singapore or currently here. Jumbo Seafood was also a good place, although probably not the cheapest or maybe even best place to find chili crab, because of the location on Clarke Quay. We got to sit outside and people watch, enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore, soak in the warm but breezy weather, and unwind with a jug of tiger beer.

More culinary adventures to follow…

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One thought on “Food, Food, and Food….everywhere

  1. Anonymous

    Looks delicious………..glad you got some time this weekend to unwind. Mom

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