Carrie’s trip to MOM

Charles and his welcome wagon somehow had scheduled his visit to MOM (Ministry of Manpower) to get his employment pass (EP) on Monday. When I had asked my HR about getting an appointment ahead of time, she said that it could only be scheduled once I went through Singapore Immigration and thus we had to wait.

My appointment was for Wednesday and I found the location easily enough. I had brought plenty of passport photos with me which I had taken back in the US and after hearing Charles’ ridiculous story about shadows and such, I assumed I’d breeze right through….wrong.

In my photos I was wearing a scarf around my neck (not an unusual sight for me back in California). Well apparently your neck needs to be fully visible because I could have photo shopped it and put someone elses head on the shoulders and thus they didn’t know if it was authentic….come on really? who cares if it is two different people’s head and shoulders because it’s the head and face part that really matter anyways!

So my photo gets rejected, but on the positive side, at least this time I got to smile, which is not allowed for US passports now (this is your warning that your next US passport will have a horrible mug shot that you’ll have to live with for the next 10 years!!!)

My thumb prints scan just fine (unlike the poor soul next to me at the counter who had touched something hot recently and thus his thumbprint was rejected…no quick fix for that until new skin grows!)

I was told to come back in 4 days time to pick it up. I asked if there was any way i could pick it up in two days so that I could come at the same time as my husband….NOPE.

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