Ground Zero – Real Day One at the Office for Charles

The first day real work day at the office was yesterday, January 11th.

It was intense, hilarious, and down right over whelming. I managed to get myself to the office right on time at 9am but couldn’t get into the building because I did not have a pass yet and every door requires a scan in and out. So I waited for someone to let me in and promptly sat at my desk – with no computer or phone set up. Maybe they weren’t expecting me?

I waited for about 15 minutes when my manager escorted me to HR to get the necessary badges, forms, etc to gain access to the building and get my work day started. However, HR was busy and said to come back and that they would call me. Minor problem since my phone was not set up – so they had to call the person across the row from me who then babysat/escorted me down stairs about 30 minutes later to finally collect the necessary items.

I then filled out the HR firms and signed or as they say chopped in various places to sign away my life. I was told I needed to provide a single passport sized photo for my impending ID card, which I said I would bring later. So back to the office and finally empowered with the ability to get into my work place. I now belonged….

So back up to my desk to wait on the phone and computer set up and get working on securing my employment pass (“EP“). My manager dumped two binders the size of a dictionary on my desk and told me to read through them as my introduction to the team…good times.

HR of course was antsy to get the photo and called various people on the floor to find me, still no phone for Charles needless to say. I told HR I would get them a photo after my trip to the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) (no joke that is what it is called) to get my EP. So after about 4 hours in the office I left to get my EP.

The MOM office was easy to find, I had an appointment and got scanned in promptly. That was the good news. The bad news was that the photo I had for processing had a small shadow behind my ears and that was totally unacceptable, so I had to have four new photos taken, because the photo place next door only sold sets of four when all I needed was one. The good news is that I now would have three photos to give HR when I returned. The new photo was just the ticket and I returned to MOM to get things done. It was fast, efficient, and very unlike the US government offices to get my EP processed, but of course I was told that I have big thumbs and that now I have to wait 4 days to actually pick up my EP. At least I checked something off the list.

So back to the office and hoping that HR was happy, my computer was setup, and I might even have a phone.

So much for any of those ideas. I stopped by HR to drop off my photos and the exchange went like this.

Charles: Good afternoon! Here is the photo you needed
HR: We need 4 photos, lah
Charles: I only have three photos and I thought you needed one
HR: 4 photos
Charles: 3 photos
HR: 4 photos
Charles: So I need to get you a 4th photo? How about you start with 3?
HR: 4 Photos
Charles: Blank Stare
HR: Ok 3 photos should do

Well that went well!!!

So I headed back up to my desk, no phone or computer but I have initiative and promptly installed my own phone. But I was not allowed to try this with the computer. I then read about the division and the risk rating system until 6:30pm and called it a day.

I still have no computer but I did have one heck of a first day.

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