New Friends

One of Charles’ fraternity brothers, Sam Fox, is living in Singapore getting his masters degree. We attended his birthday party tonight and had the most wonderful time. Jamie, Sam’s fiance, is a teacher at one of the international schools and their group of friends is mostly made up of fellow teachers and their corresponding husbands. It was great getting to know this group of people our own age. Most all of them moved here at the same time which was 1.5 years ago from the US and thus they are all quite established (know their way around, etc), but were excited to meet us and help us out in any way they could. This really is a blessing to have a group like this as a safety net to learn from and hang out with….I cant help but feel like a lost puppy going ‘will you be my friend?’

Fortunately with Charles and I being the social people we are, we think we fit right into this group and we did our best to remember names and faces and who was with who. It will take some time obviously as they all have so much history with each other, but it is a step for us in the right direction of becoming established here. We are looking forward to meeting up with them again in the weeks to come.


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One thought on “New Friends

  1. How could anyone say no to being a friend to you and Charles? Glad to see you guys are starting your adventure in Singapore.

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