Ding, Round Two…and the winner is….

It’s Sunday Sunday Sunday and we’re off to the races once again. Esther, our agent, has scheduled us to revisit both ‘The Springs’ and ‘Pavilion 11’ They are night and day different from each other but I think we could be happy living in either one.

The process with finding an apartment in Singapore is extremely complex. Not only do you and the land lord both have to have agents and you play the whole ‘my people will call your people game’ (aka inefficient chaos), but you have to submit a ‘letter of intent’ along with a deposit of one month rent. Then when you both agree, you sign an agreement, with an additional deposit of 2 months rent. The agreement then needs to be sent to the housing board for official sign off or stamps or something. Like I said, it’s complex.

Visited Pavilions 11 first and it really IS spectacular. the view is heaven sent, two whole walls are made of retractable windows which roll out of the way and open completely. The facilities really are wonderful and the cool factor of having a private elevator entrance cant be beat. It would be an experience of a life time to live in such a place….but it really isn’t us.

The Springs is also spectacular. The rooms work well for us, we like the layout, the furniture and the location. It feels more like home and is comfortable; someplace we could unwind.

So now the debate, which I will save you from most of the details, but we decided on The Springs. There were two main factors. One was Location in that the springs is a 3 minute walk to mass transit which when raining or blistering hot it will be very welcomed and Two, with all the newness of this new life over the next few years and Charles steep learning curve at work, we’d rather have some place comfortable and relaxing over someplace of glass and brushed aluminum and modern (with those aweful modern couches that suck to sit on…after a hard day, sometimes you really just need a comfy couch to plop onto)

So now we are off to the races with letters of intent, negotiations and the whole bit. I think it’s going to be a long week.

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