Confirmed–one thing I know I cant buy here

My oh my, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. You see, I have a vice. A secret little weakness that I sometimes indulge in. I indulge only when I have to, when I’m in a period of weakness, high stress (or boredom)….and walking through the grocery store, to my horror, I discovered I cannot purchase this item in my time of high stress.

From here on out, anyone who’s going to fly over to visit is requested to bring two items, one is wine (of course). Newly added to this request list is…… Dr. Pepper!

Painful afternoons are going to be that much more painful when I can’t sip the delicious 23 flavors of ice cold Dr. Pepper. On a day when nothing is going my way, it is the one thing I turn to….and I forgot to include it in my shipment! Obviously I wasn’t thinking.

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